Radio Vida

About Radio Vida


Christian Ministries of the Valley, Inc dba Radio Vida KRGE was founded March 1, 1991 for the purpose of preaching the gospel and saving souls through a network of radio stations across the world.  Radio Vida, a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of individuals and families company slogan says it all; transmitting the message of life through the word of God to the nations.  Radio Vida’s founder, Enrique Garza has a desire to benefit humanity through the gospel and with no doubt, he possess’s the aspiration to improve the material, social, and spiritual welfare of humanity, especially through charitable activities.  To have something as an ability, quality, or characteristic with an immense dedication can only be rewarded with eternal life.  Radio Vida advocates education through spiritual interaction and through many of the biggest names in modern gospel music.  

Radio Vida’s listener base has experienced a continual growth and the presence in different nations persists.  With new locations in an expansion phase that outpaces the administration, experiencing growing pains manifests.  The assets continue on an upward growth.  

Radio Vida’s success can be measured by the feedback and listener involvement through the customized and much accepted programming.  Collaboration and cooperation with the local listeners as well as the pastors with different social and educational activities supports ongoing scheduled events.  Community support maintains the radio station locally and the surrounding region while the internet audience has exploded at an un-measureable tempo.

While the rest of the world listens to Radio Vida we hope you join as one of the many enthusiastic listeners because what you hear is important to us. 

We anticipate that you enjoy our programming and pray that we will play some part in your coming to a greater understanding of God's fulfilling plan!